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Maphilindo Silat is a compilation of Malaysian, Filipino, and Indonesian martial arts brought to life by Guro Dan Inosanto. Ron Balicki began his training with Dan Inosanto in 1982.

Through Dan Inosanto, Ron was introduced to Indonesian systems such as: Bersilat, Kuntao Silat, Pekiti Tirsia, Bukti Negara, Filipino Kali, Pentchak Silat, Suntokan, Pag Kali Kali, Sikaron, Panantukan, Mande Muda, Serak, Kari Silat, Buno, Pukalon Penjak Silat, and Penchak Silat.

Instructors who influenced Guro Dan Inosanto's Maphilindo Silat were Pendekar Herman Suwanda, Guro Rita Suwanda, Pendekar Eddie Mustapha, Pendekar Surada "Eddie" Jafari, Pendekar Paul De Thouras, Maha Guro Victor De Thouras, Pendekar John DeJong, Tuhan Guro Leo Gaje Jr., and Guro lucky Lucay Lucay

Ron Balicki received personal instruction from Guro Dan Inosanto, Larry Lindenmann, Pendekar Herman Suwanda, Guro Rita Suwanda, Pendekar Akiat, Pendekar Paul De Thouras, Maha Guro Victor De Thouras, Guro Ted Lucay Lucay.

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